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How Far We’ve Come

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At the start of every intensives week, I have the tendency to despair, thinking that the week will be undoubtedly long (and possibly miserable), the students will be uninterested and unengaged, and I will most likely lose my mind and my patience before the week is over. Yet, by the middle of every intensives week my mind has been changed and I have wished away the Friday on which the week ends.

This week has been no different. I have been working with a group of 15 students, all sophomores, and what started out as a week on the edge has ended as a week grounded in solid writing, interaction, community, and blog development. Here are the happy campers. (They’re happy, I swear.)

I am so proud of these kids, I could bust. Literally. I’d love for you to have a chance to check out all that my students have been working on, so I’m posting the links to each of their blogs here for you to visit! Students have written four posts this week; their first post was an about me, second post was a piece connected to their blog theme, third post was a personal essay, and fourth post was their choice.

Michele’s Oakland Raider’s blog

Jimmy’s car stereo blog

Chris’ research-oriented blog

Xochilt’s fashion blog

Back Borders’ basketball blog

Brittany’s music blog

Melody’s travel blog

Frank’s outdoors blog

Matt’s informational blog

Daniel’s horse racing blog

Misael’s European soccer blog

Brian’s Mexican soccer blog

The week was not without difficulty, as we struggled with the computers, the internet, and adapting to one another; they were troopers throughout it all. They have worked so hard this week and have really produced some great work that I hope they will stick with even once this course is over. Blogging is such a great skill to have and will open so many doors for them in the future, as we truly are a technology-oriented society.

We had help from two great resources this week! Ben, a great friend of mine from way back in the day, who blogs over at Game Rant and Screen Rant; and Shira, who blogs at Bark, and is connected with the Lighthouse Writers Workshop from Denver. Huge thanks to both of them for their involvement with my class this week!

I hope that you’ll have the chance to check out a couple of my students’ blogs (they are suckers for comments, so feel free to leave them one if you swing by… 🙂 )!