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Eating at the Kids’ Table

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Now that we’ve reached the month of the great turkey, I’ve been reminiscing about Thanksgivings of the past. No matter how old I was, I could always count on a few things…massive amounts of food on the table, eating black olives and sweet gherkins before dinner, playing pool with my cousins after dinner, my uncle throwing rolls to my dad across the table, and eating at the kids’ table with my sister and cousins.

The foodies in the blogosphere have started in with their Thanksgiving recipes, and I’ll be sure to follow suit in the next week or so. But before I pay homage to the great meal of Thanksgiving, I’d like to remember a few almost as great meals that are often served at the kids’ table. Luckily for us, these meals aren’t just relegated to the folding tables of our youth…even though we pretend to be are grown-up, these are still delicious go-to meals for everyone from your neice to your grandpa. Here are a few of my childhood favorites:

Macaroni and cheese (I’ll be doing a recipe for this soon!!)


Quesadillas (Chicken quesadilla or  veggie quesadilla)

Pizza (Mushroom Swiss, Sausage and Onion, Spinach and Bacon, Barbecue Chicken)

Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Sandwiches

and of course my personal favorite, chicken fingers with honey mustard!

French Fries

No matter which table you’re sitting at, these meals are delicious, simple to prepare, and at least a smidgeon better for you than the varieties we ate as children.

What are your memories of eating at the kids’ table? And what were your favorite childhood meals?