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Autumn House (not to be confused with Animal House)

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A while back I promised photos of our fall decor…I realized this weekend that I have not yet made good on that promise! So, without further ado (and before it is winter…), here is our living area, autumn-style.

A closer look at the herbs on our windowsill. We had basil and thyme during the summer in place of the pretty flowers (a gift from our friend Heather) and the other plant, which normally lives in the guest room.

(Ava is not an unhappy dog, I swear…)

Little pumpkins on the counter. Our apartment is on the first floor, just off a busy pedestrian and automotive street, so pumpkins on the porch isn’t really an option for us…

The Fall Wall. I change the photos and vases out based on the season and on colors in the main rooms.

Well, there you have it! Our fall decor, ready for football and apple cider and down blankets.

Is it too soon to start thinking about the winter decorations? 🙂