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An Evening Well-Spent (with Chefs!)

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Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to join a class at Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder. CSR is a cooking school geared towards training chefs, and they also do classes in recreational cooking. I joined up with an evening chef class to see first-hand what they do, pick up a few tips, and of course to enjoy the process of cooking and eating with them.

I had such a great night! The students were all so welcoming and inclusive; they let me jump right in and be involved in the preparations with them and so I got to help create different parts of the meal. They were cooking an Asian meal, as they had a guest chef from Boulder noodle house Happy with them that evening.

After the guest chef’s lecture on various aspects of food preparation and ingredients that we would be using that night, the students were split into teams and jumped right into their food preparation. Everyone prepared and worked together as a time to create a fabulous meal. Once the cooking was completed, we sat down to eat together at a big long table (all of the work tables pushed together). Everyone ate, then we discussed the meal and critiqued various aspects of the food (both taste and preparation).

I know, I know…you want to know what we ate, don’t you?! It was amazing! We made fishcakes, with fishcake sauce. The fishcakes were sweet and very delicate; we ate them rolled in butter lettuce with a cucumber and carrot relish. The fishcake sauce was spicy and tangy. I loved this course!

The table was set with dishes of pickled vegetables, which we ate plain to clear the palate.

We also made bao buns, which were out-of-this-world amazing. These required many steps, but they were so worth it. The end product was flavorful, tender meat wrapped in sweet and savory dough that was seared to give it a bit of extra crispiness. These were served with small bowls of green sriricha (which we also made), for dipping.

In addition we had a soup, called bacon dashi, which was basically a soup made of fish scraps and pork skin, with soba noodles and seaweed. I think everybody loved this soup, except for me…I just did not enjoy the flavors here, but it was very beautiful, and I wished that I liked it.

The food was gorgeous, on top of being delicious!

Sugar snap peas, with bok choy. I liked the snap peas so much that I cooked them the same way for Recipe 16.2!

These bao buns were SOOO good! I could eat these every day. Seriously.

Dessert! Coffee granita, served with not one but two scoops of homemade ice cream – a dolce de leche ice cream and a $4000 ice cream (not really that much!).

I had such a great evening cooking and talking with the chefs-in-training at CSR. They were so gracious to allow me to join them and it truly was a great experience! If you ever get the chance to join a cooking class, I hope you do!

And now I must get back to my students. My blogging with students intensive is well underway…today they are creating their own blogs and publishing their About Me pages!