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An Image-tastic, Venn-ish Illustration of New York vs. Paris

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Yesterday found me strolling through the many aisles of the internet, searching for blogs to use in my student blog-writing intensive (which begins on Monday! Eeek!). I’m starting the course off with a self-guided tour of blog-dom, a tour that students will take themselves on in order to define what a blog is, as well as what a blogger is. Many of my students have little experience with the internet, so although they’re signed up for a blog-writing course, many of them may not know what a blog is.

While seeking out blogs for my students to visit in order to create these definitions, I inevitably ran across a few sites that piqued my interest as well. Newly minted on my must-read list? Paris vs. New York, a tally of two cities. I love it! It compares many aspects of the two cities, from taxis to coffee to old age to nicknames. Here are two comparisons I particularly enjoyed:

Amelie vs. Carrie…

and winter weather in Paris vs. New York…

And now for my own little version of Paris vs. New York! On the top…me and my friend Michelle, with whom I travelled to Paris in the Spring of 2005. And on the bottom…me and Michelle with my sister Jessa in New York City in the Winter of 2007. The weather in the two photos is fairly similar, as opposed to the above comparison, but what you can’t see is that the rest of our stay in Paris was cloudy, overcast, windy, and chilly. Our entire trip to New York was bone-chillingly freezing (but yes, blue skies)!

And thus ends today’s comparisons of the two cities.

How do you feel about the two cities? What do you think would make a good comparison between the two cities? Do you have a favorite, or perhaps one that you would like to visit more than the other?