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What Movie Best Defines Your Childhood?

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I know, I know…this is not the sort of question that you get asked every day, now, is it?

Sometime last week, when I was at the grocery store for the gajillionth time that week, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods on my way home from work. (I think I was buying cream for the butternut squash soup.) I was waiting in line for a cashier to ring me up when I started to get a bit annoyed; this cashier was chatting excessively with the ladies in front of me. This older mother and daughter duo was clearly getting a kick out of him and they just could not stop laughing and telling him how funny he was.

Although I was a bit impatient, I couldn’t help but crack a smile when I saw how much fun these ladies were having at the grocery store. Once they (finally) left and it was my turn, I felt it necessary to make a wise-ass remark about my high expectations for him to be hilarious with me as well. He accepted my ribbing, then announced that he had a “question of the day” for me. Uh-oh, I thought. Did I inadvertently come to the crazy check-out? Then he asked me what movie best defines my childhood. “Beauty and the Beast,” I promptly answered. He liked that reply, and then he told me that his was The Princess Bride. We chatted a bit more (particularly about Red Rock’s Film on the Rocks) and I’m sure that, at this point, the folks in line behind me were about ready to rip my head off (remember, I was only buying a small carton of cream…), but I really didn’t care (look how selfish I was being that day!).

As our conversation came to an end, I took my cream, accepted my receipt and headed to my car, smiling as I went. That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about this cashier, and how he had brightened at least three peoples’ afternoons (mine and the two ladies in front of me) with his question of the day and his engagement with us as we all rushed to get out of the grocery store and go somewhere else. I hope that a few other people got in on those good vibes that afternoon, as well.

It made me realize that it can be really uplifting to connect with someone, even a total stranger, in a way that is unexpected and surprising. After all, we are humans, and we live best in community and in interaction with others. Sometimes the busyness (or even perceived busyness) of our days don’t allow us to fully appreciate those we are surrounded by and those we have the chance to interact with.

Such a little question made me think so much about myself and also about my interactions with other people…after all, it was a week ago that I had this conversation and here I am now reflecting on it again. So today, I ask the same question of you: What movie best defines your childhood? I look forward to reading your responses and learning a bit more about each of you today. 🙂 Have a lovely day, my friends!