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Making a 5-stop Shop

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How often do you go grocery shopping a week? If you’re like me, you plan to go once….but then end up going more times than that. So far this week? Costco on Thursday, Sunflower on Sunday, Walmart on Sunday, Whole Foods on Tuesday, Whole Foods on Wednesday…that’s FIVE trips in the last week! Yi, yi, yi…

Usually I do not go five times in a week! It’s more like two. I don’t know what it was about this week…oh wait. Yes I do. I kept forgetting things.

I actually had a really difficult time putting together the grocery list this week, and I’m sure that trickled over into the shopping. Remember how I cleaned out/organized the fridge, food cabinet, and freezer last weekend? I tossed a bunch of stuff that was well past its toss date (condiments, baking goods, etc.), so all those items had to be replenished (hence the Walmart trip) on top of the regular grocery buying for the week. I must have made four or five different grocery lists (and meal plans) before finally settling on one for the week.

Thankfully I am done shopping until at least Saturday! (I think. I hope.)

In other news, I’m working on the fall mini re-do. I ordered a couple of new photo prints, so the mini re-do won’t be quite ready until those come in! Here is a little teaser of what is going on in our falled-out house.

More photos to come soon! (Probably this weekend, once the re-do is complete.)