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Fall is in the Air! And Will Soon be in my House…

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Today is the first day that I’ve woken up and thought, “fall is here.” Technically, it’s been fall for a while now, but the weather has been warm (hot, even) and sunny, which doesn’t really make you feel like throwing on a fleece and cuddling up on the couch. But this morning has a nice refreshing chill in the air and cloud cover (which doesn’t often happen in sunny Colorado). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for rain, because we haven’t had any since the beginning of August! But, I have a feeling that we won’t be getting any today…

Rain or no rain, it’s fall decorating time! Anyone who has been to my house knows how much I love to decorate and I especially love to decorate for the seasons. In the spring and summer months I like a fresh, polished and bright look; in the fall and winter I like a warm, cozy and vintage look. I always wait as long as I can to switch the decor for the seasons, and I think it is about time to get our fall on!

Sadly for me, we can’t afford to buy new pillows and such every few months (boo hoo), so I rely on the same stuff every year with just a couple of tweaks to make it fresh and new. I’ll be working on our new fall look later this week…I’ll update with photos so you can see how it turned out!

Do you decorate for seasons? What do you do to freshen up your space?