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Youth Room Redesign

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Every now and then, us folks here at Blackboard Kitchen take a break from cooking and meal planning and grocery shopping and do other things that we love (but we really do love the planning and the grocery shopping and the cooking!). One other thing that we enjoy doing is decorating. This sounds ridiculously cheesy, I know, but we really do have fun picking out furniture and accessories for spaces (especially our own). This summer we had a chance to try our hand at decorating something other than our house (or my classroom). We redesigned and decorated the high school youth room at Jason’s church!

Jason decided to repurpose the youth education rooms so that he could get better use out of all of them and match the rooms to the needs of each age group of kids. He moved the high school into the old 4th and 5th grade room (and the 4th and 5th graders got the old middle school room and the middle school got the old high school room).  Once everyone was designated a new room, we got right down to work figuring out how to best use the space to make it match the needs of the growing high school youth group.

We spent the summer painting walls (the kids were great helpers!), painting bookshelves, moving furniture and shopping for furniture and accessories. Jason worked with an amazing team of men at his church to do electrical configurations to bring surround sound into the room. After a summer of planning and hard work from many people, the room was finally ready for its grand unveling! This last Sunday was Rally Day and there was a big party to celebrate the kick-off to the school year. We were finally able to show off the senior high youths’ new room and welcome them in.

I’m excited to share the photo collection with you so you can see the room’s final state. Unfortunately, I never thought to snap any “before” photos (silly girl), so you’ll just have to imagine a typical white-walled room filled with tables, folding chairs, and a few bookcases. Here are the “after” photos:

We went with a grey-based color scheme and accented it with lime green, white, and black. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but we did two different shades of grey on the walls: a lighter grey (more silver) in the wall cut-outs and a darker grey on all the main walls. The white couch is repurposed from the old youth room and the grey couches are from Ikea. All accessories and tables are from Ikea as well. We don’t have an Ikea here in Denver (yet), but we went to an Ikea while we were in Texas this summer visiting family – we came back with a full car!

I love these shelves and the hooks. I wanted to do hooks so that the kids have a place to hang their purses, backpacks, jackets, etc. so that they’re not getting thrown all over the room. I also think that they, along with the bookcases, add a nice visual element to the room! We repurposed those bookshelves from another room – painted them white and then found the lime green boxes to corral all the “loose” stuff the room needs (remotes, air hockey pucks, extra extension cords, etc.).

Check out this bad boy! The men at Jason’s church were amazing. They built this projector screen out of drywall and mounted it on the wall. Jason painted and finished the drywall so that it is a real projector screen. The men also ran surround sound through the entire room so that there are no loose and dangerous cords for the kids to trip on. Hello, movie night!! 🙂

The whiteboard is where Jason will do writing for teaching, since this is the room that the senior high will do sunday school, as well as youth group, in. To the left of the air hockey table is a chalkboard wall (I know, we love them!) for the kids to write/draw on. The air hockey table was gifted to the group by a family from the church.

The back wall, which is the control center for the room.

We added these poufs from cb2 to provide extra seating. They are seriously comfortable to sit on! (And so stylish, too!)

The (slightly lopsided) gallery wall. This wall is awesome because it has a lot of room to grow outward. I hung the photos in the center of the wall so that we can continue to add more frames and more pictures throughout the year.

The entrance to the room.

We were proud to finally be able to showcase the room to the kids and their parents! It was even better to see the kids instantly take over the room – they seemed very much at home and instantly felt like it was theirs, which was exactly what we hoped for. We’ll all be spending some quality time in the room this weekend – they are having a senior high lock-in, which I somehow got convinced to help chaperone. 😉 Hey, at least I’ll have a comfy couch to sleep on when I fall asleep at 9:00! 😀