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Drumroll, please!

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Blackboard Kitchen is excited to announce a new format, which will bring a new dimension of information and food knowledge to you, my loyal readers. I am committed to providing you with the best information I possibly can, and I realized that my original format was not allowing me to do that. There is much that I’ve wanted to share with you through Blackboard Kitchen, but the format of simply a menu, grocery list, and recipes did not provide the space for that additional content.

Starting with Week 6, you will be able to access your weekly menu, grocery list, and 4 detailed recipes (click here to go to the Week 6 Menu). Why 4 recipes instead of 5? I’m glad you asked! I am freeing up one night a week so that you can play with other food – whether that is recipes from your own files, or perhaps a past recipe from Blackboard Kitchen, or a creation of your own. And, in all honesty, this will also open up a bit more time in my week in which to post the daily blog content, which you will be able to access in addition to your weekly menu. This daily new content will allow me to share food (and house, and life) information with you that does not clearly lie within the realm of the weekly menus. This new format will allow me to maintain more of a blog feel to the website, all while continuing to bring you the delicious, time-saving, cost-efficient meals that you have come to expect from Blackboard Kitchen!

I am incredibly excited for the new opportunities that this will open up for us to connect and to discuss the food that makes up our daily lives. I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow me on this journey through the kitchen (and through the grocery store)!