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Little Anniversary Treats

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Thank you to everyone for all the anniversary wishes! We had a really nice weekend to celebrate one year of marriage; (one of) the best things from the weekend? Bitty bundt cakes! Come with me about a year and a half ago back to wedding planning…….

We had decided that we did not want to do a traditional wedding cake and we had our hearts set on cannolis from our local Whole Foods (have you ever had a cannoli from WF? They are delicious!). Meanwhile, my mom had her heart set on Bundt cakes. Jason is not a huge cake fan and so was immediately opposed to the idea. I desperately wanted the cannolis and so was also opposed to the idea. (I bet you can guess what is going to happen next, can’t you?!) One day while out running wedding errands, my mom took me into The Bundt Shoppe, this cute little store south of Denver and asked for a sampler box. We divvied the cakes up (there were two of each flavor) and I took my half home, confident that we could put this little “disagreement” behind us and move forward with the cannolis.

The next morning, I pulled the box out of the fridge to show Jason and we decided to do a taste test right then and there. With glasses of milk and two forks in hand we dove in to the cakes, tasting one at a time. We looked at each other in surprise – these were good! I suppose I don’t really need to give you any more of a play-by-play because it is pretty obvious: we loved the Bundt cakes. We called my mom to let her know; I think she was pretty excited we went with them! 🙂 We ended up ordering several hundred of them (we had white chocolate raspberry and double chocolate chip) and served them at our reception. They were perfect. We had dessert and toasts outside, under a pavilion, before proceeding to get our dance on.

So, for our first anniversary we did not have a frozen layer of cake to eat, but we did head back down to The Bundt Shoppe and pick up a variety pack so we could enjoy not only our wedding flavors but a few others as well. 🙂

I love boxes with cute packaging! Makes you want it even more.

Celebrate with cake we did! The night before our anniversary we shared a vanilla bean and a marble cake. They all have this amazing cream cheese frosting – they are seriously perfection.

How cute are those little Bundts all lined up? Has anyone ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? I always think of the scene when the new in-laws come over to the big Greek family party and they give the mother a Bundt cake. Mom is all kinds of confused. Once they get over the confusion of the word “bundt” the mom finally realizes, “Oh! It’s a cake!” Then, to her sister-in-law, “There’s a hole in this cake.”

One of these years Jason is going to get sick of me quoting the entire scene every time we eat a Bundt cake (even though our bitty Bundts have no holes…)! 😀 But for now, I’ll keep quoting it because it cracks me up!!

Morning of the anniversary….cake for breakfast!! (Don’t judge.) I enjoyed a red velvet with coffee.

Jason enjoyed a blueberry lemon with milk.

Any sweet treats you particularly enjoy? Did anybody actually freeze and eat the top of their wedding cake? I would love to hear how it was and what you did to celebrate subsequent anniversaries! As for us…I think we will celebrating with Bundts.

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