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In Sunny San Diego

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Our trip to my grandpa’s 90th birthday party began with food…what else?! We had an early morning flight out, so we ate breakfast on the plane. For my sister it was grapes, and for my parents it was fruit and cereal. For us? McDonald’s breakfasts sandwiches. (One of these things is not like the other…)

Early flight = early arrival! Waiting for the shuttle bus. Jason might be a little chilly here…

At La Jolla. We were there early, so it was still foggy. But the water was gorgeous and the air was fresh.

With my family. We had such an amazing time together throughout the entire weekend. Aren’t families the best?!

The water was cold! About 62 degrees that day. But we braved it out anyway…it was calling to us!

Later that night, at my grandparent’s retirement community, we had dinner as a family. Spinach salad…yum! Steak with ratatouille and potatoes, and turkey with rice and beets. After dinner my cousin showed me a few camera tricks…thank goodness! I was in need of a lesson.

The following evening was my grandpa’s party. Here are my lovely cousins.

My grandparents. You can read more about them in my Festival Italiano post!

After dinner (apparently I did not photograph our meals that night!), we were bombarded by a delicious onslaught of desserts. Oh my…napoleons, eclairs, cannolis, cheesecake, and s’mores cake. It was a serious act of self-restraint to keep from eating everything in sight. When I was young, I remembered how to spell dessert (as opposed to desert – the dry, sandy, cactus-lined expanse) by remembering that it had more s’s, and I always wanted more of dessert (more s’s, more dessert…you get the idea). Well, we had all the dessert we possibly could have wanted…and more! It was delicious.

On our last morning we took a long walk down Mission Beach and went out on the pier over the ocean. It was a hot day, but there was a great breeze and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Last meal in California? An In N’ Out burger with fries, of course! It was a great weekend with family and it was so wonderful to celebrate all the life that my grandparents have lived. (And as for Grandma’s Cookies? They were devoured! We ate them non-stop throughout the weekend…)