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Good Street Eats

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We attended the 2nd Justice League of Street Food party last week. It was even better than the first! Let me take you on a photo journey through our evening…

Dirty martinis (our new fave) made with Tito’s vodka (the best!) before we left home.

My husband takes his street-fooding seriously, okay?

We started off with eats from the Gastro Cart, which we had never tried before. We like to eat in courses and just have little portions of everything (yes, I do mean everything ๐Ÿ˜€ ). Here are the crispy pork slider and the spicy chicken taco. Both were delish!

Chowing down. You can see we got there early to avoid the big crowds. Since it was on a Thursday night the crowd wasn’t enormous like it was last time. But don’t worry – there were still plenty of hungry Denverites there!

Our #1 favorite food cart – the Gastro Cart!

Our new favorite food truck – The Little Orange Rocket.

Everything looked amazing. How’s a girl to choose?

This describes their food perfectly!

Kellie and Jason shadow giants storm the food trucks!

Denver Cupcake. We’ve never tried one of their cupcakes, but they sure do look good! Maybe we’ll leave room one of these days…

Course #2: Truffle Mac ‘N Cheese Balls from The Little Orange Rocket. They had a crisp exterior and the middle was chewy and creamy. (Does anything get better than fried mac and cheese? Probably not.)

Water…and a couple martinis-to-go (sans olives – would have been a give-away).

Fat Sully’s Slice Truck. Didn’t eat there, but it looked good!

I am in love with this truck.

Another great night out! (How is it that Jason looks so much taller than me in this photo? I do not know.)

The final course (from The Little Orange Rocket, again). We had the Shiitake Cheesesteak on Truck Bread and the Smother Fries. Lordy, lordy, lordy. Both were amazing! (And obviously super healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Money is gone (we take limited cash, to avoid over-spending) and maximum calories have been consumed. Time to go home…one last shot. See you next time, food trucks! (Word is they are planning a 3rd party! Possibly with a theme?! I’ll keep you posted….)

The sky while we were driving home. It’s like sky cotton candy!

Psssst…want to find out where the trucks are everyday? Check out this website. It gathers and posts all the trucks’ twitter feeds so you can see where they are located each day.

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