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You see that little badge over on the right side of the page? Well, I’m excited to announce that I am officially a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher! This means that I am now a partner blogger with Foodbuzz and that they are my publishing and advertising network. You’ll be able to find me as I submit recipes and blog posts on the Foodbuzz site. You’ll also see a new advertising side banner that indicates that I am a member of their network.

I’m pumped about this partnership for a couple reasons: 1. I now have a network of support and am a part of a food blogging community, 2. I can bring you more tips and insight as a result of the connections I’ll make and tips I’ll learn, and 3. I am now eligible to participate in Project Food Blog 2010!

You can find all the details for Project Food Blog 2010 here, but let me give you the rundown…Project Food Blog 2010 is a competition amongst food bloggers from around the nation. It begins this weekend and ends in December. Every week there will be a new challenge for the contestants, followed by an elimination. Eliminations will rapidly scale down the competition, until there is only one food blogger left standing in December. He or she will be crowned the winner of Project Food Blog 2010, be awarded $10,000 and be featured for a year on Foodbuzz. Pretty sweet deal!

After much debating, I have finally decided to enter as a competing blogger.

It really was quite the debate…I debated if it was too soon to enter something like this, and if I’d be able to succeed. I debated if I would have enough time to really do my best in the competition. I debated if my blog is too young (only a month and a half old) to be a real contender. I debated my blogging skills and my amount of viewership. I could have kept on debating and, I’m sure, come up with a million more excuses as to why I could not possibly enter Blackboard Kitchen in the Project Food Blog 2010….but finally I decided it was time to stop doubting and start doing.

As my lovely and (not so) patient husband reminded me: What have I got to lose? Worst case scenario is that I don’t make it past round 1. Well, okay. What will I lose if that happens? Nothing. I’ll just be out of the competition and maybe have picked up a tip or two. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet, stop making excuses and apply for the competition. I’m announcing it in this blog post so that 1. you guys can start getting excited for me ๐Ÿ™‚ and 2. so that I can’t change my mind and back out ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I’ll be writing the post for the first challenge over the next couple days and it will be posted by Sunday. Now, here’s where you guys come into play: a part of the competition is based on reader votes. Since my blog is just a baby, I’m still working on establishing readership; many of the blogs I’m going up against are old grandpa blogs and have thousands of readers. I’m going to need your help to vote, spread the word, and get your friends to read my blog and vote for Blackboard Kitchen! The first challenge will start with around 2,000 blogs and bloggers; the second challenge will have only 400 blogs and bloggers. That is a massive cut!!! But….rather than be intimidated by those numbers I’m going to chose to hike up my big girl pants, hunker down and get to work on challenge number 1.