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Elegy for a Farmer’s Market

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I’ve waxed rhapsodic about my local farmer’s market many times before (you can check out some of those posts here, here, and here) and that’s not about to change. I love my market and visiting it is always one of the highlights of my weekend. What is about to change is that my farmer’s market is done for the year. Although we started back to school six weeks ago and Labor Day was two weeks ago, summer officially ended yesterday. The closing of my farmer’s market this weekend is like the nail in summer’s coffin.

It brings back memories of childhood and the way I felt on the day that the neighborhood pool was being drained. I always felt like it was way too soon, that they were jumping the gun: there were still so many warm and sunny days to come when we would be able to go swimming! But, the lifeguards had to go back to school and a surprise cold snap was a possibility (this is Colorado, after all). So drain the pool and close up shop they did.

Summer is over. And now that the farmer’s market is closing up shop I am reflecting on the important role the farmer’s market played in my life this summer. My experiences there are part of what prompted me to start Blackboard Kitchen – I wanted an opportunity to share them with my friends and family. Here is a look back at some of my farmer’s market moments from the summer. Admittedly, I did not think to consistently photograph my purchases until I was several weeks in to the blog, and even then my capturing was apparently spotty (how did I only photograph three weeks of my market bounty?!) so the large majority of my summer produce and baked goods went uncaptured. I will be better at this next summer – and have more than three photos to share here! But, you still get an idea, right?

Photos at the market. How is it that beets and leeks and onions and carrots make me so incredibly happy? Seriously, I just look at this picture and my heart begins to flutter.

What a bounty! Could there be anything better than planning a week of good eating based off this table? It makes me want to eat nothing but vegetables for every meal. (Jason poo-pooed that idea.)

I love the bustle and community of the market and all the people who are there to buy food from their neighbors.

The bread! Oh, the bread. I not only loved the bread this summer, but I loved the bread booth. I always head straight for the farm booth at the market and walk past the bread. The bakers got to know me over the summer and knew that I would be back to see them, but they would always call out friendly hellos as I walked past and tell me that they’d see me in a minute. Makes a girl’s heart happy.

I think I tried out just about everything this summer. From their pastries to their loafs – every single thing was amazing. I just can’t imagine sandwiches throughout the winter without Pane Fresco’s amazing bread. They sell out of a coffee shop in Denver – looks like I’ll be making a few trips over there throughout the winter.

Although I’ll miss my local market, I know it’s not all doom and gloom. We still have about a month left in the growing season and there are a couple other farmer’s markets open through October; I’ll be frequenting those now, so I’m not completely out of luck, but it’s just not quite the same.

Good-bye summer, Good-bye farmer’s market. Can’t wait to see you again in May!

What farmer’s market did you go to this summer? How do you feel about the closing of the markets? Leave a comment below and share your story!