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Scenes from My Weekend

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Went to library and checked out new reading materials! Jason thinks I checked out too many books. I think he couldn’t be more wrong. From top to bottom, these are to: listen to on long runs, listen to in the car, read before bed, drool over/cook from (first pizza from this book is happening tonight), fall in love with the simplicity of fresh food done right.

Spent time with our dear friends Jamie and Marnie. This consisted of: buying lotto and powerball tickets (we lost), good eats at Hops and Pie, questionable drinks at a neighborhood bar, losing at Jenga, and making another batch of these in the morning.

Lots of good food. I can’t believe how much I have eaten in the last few days. It’s been terrific.

Said good-bye to my hairstylist Coco. She’s moving to London and I’m heartbroken. My hair is drying out and shrinking up just thinking about it.

Went for a long walk and a run. Marveled at the spring flowers. Sneezed my dang head off. They’re beautiful, but my allergy glands (or whatever it is) sure do hate them.

Now it’s time to get myself back into a school mindset. Ugh. I’m procrastinating by writing blog posts, can you tell? 😉

8 weeks ’til summer!