Snow Days

February 7, 2012 in The Daily Blog

Friday brought a snow day. I’ve always welcomed snow days with open arms, but this one was particularly chock-full of bliss and a whole ton of gratefulness.

Me and the pup spent some quality time out playing in the snow while Jason shoveled. We had around a foot and a half of snow by the time the whole thing was said and done. It just kept snowing and snowing.

This is Ava’s newest favorite toy; her yard basketball. Jason has had this ball since he was young and brought it out to see if he could get her interested in it during the last snowstorm in December. Turns out – yep. Ava digs the bball.


This dog. Love her. Snow days? Love them almost as much. I’m still feeling thankful for Friday’s little gift of a day.

Did you get a snow day on Friday? What did you do?

What would you do if you received a surprise day off from work?? Let’s dream!

Snow Days

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    1. The snow day Friday was INCREDIBLE…almost makes me wish it would snow more ;) almost!

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Snow Days

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