It’s Time to Celebrate

February 22, 2012 in Breakfast, The Daily Blog

This is going to be a shock, I’m sure, but I don’t typically lay out this kind of spread for breakfast. Shocking! Hold the presses! My breakfasts tend more to the tupperware full of oatmeal that I race out of the door with and eat, one bite followed by thirty minutes followed by another bite until mid-morning, when my oatmeal is cold, gluey, and (finally) gone. Yum.

But on this particular occasion, the spread was because I was celebrating. I was celebrating this girl:

She just happens to be my little sister. She just happens to be pregnant.

I just happen to be out of my mind with excitement.

Seriously, I think the anticipation of being an Auntie to my sister’s little bundle of joy is going to become unbearable long before the 9 months are up. She has wanted to be a mama for a long time. I’ve wanted to have the opportunity to screw up her kid for an even longer time. (I’m going to be so great at it!)

While I wait for the blessed arrival, I am stuffing my pretty baby sister full of sugar and carbs.

And by sugar and carbs I mean bagels, ginger-chocolate-banana-bread, Noosa yogurt, fruit, and bubbly orange-carrot juice.

It was delicious.

She was beautiful.

(Please don’t mind the empty bookshelf in the background. That is an unfortunately-placed DIY project waiting to happen.)

And she is so incredibly happy.

Me too. I am so happy that our family is growing and that I don’t have to do anything other than provide the sugar. That, I can definitely handle.


It’s Time to Celebrate


    1. aw yay :) she’s going on a big fun crazy journey and so lucky to have you as her sister loving her through it :)

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It’s Time to Celebrate

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