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Waking Up

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Christmas break is one of the nicest times of the year. There’s food, and family, baking, gifts, and sleeping in. And, strangely, waking up becomes the easiest thing to do during break, a million times easier than it is normally. There’s no loud ringing or buzzing, no snooze buttons to be twice pressed, no fumbling through the motions of morning in a half-hearted attempt to get excited about the day.

Christmas break means waking up is not only easy, it’s enjoyable, and coffee is delicious, not necessary. The Christmas tree is switched on at 8am, and the computer is left put away. Lists are made, and tasks are accomplished, but the lists are more about what I’d like to get done, rather than what-absolutely-must-get-done. The lists, in general, are much nicer – like the nurse who helps you to your mother’s car after you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed.

But, Christmas break cannot last forever. Waking up cannot always be so carefree. There are essays to grade (seeeeeriously, how did I once again manage to end break with a giant stack of ungraded essays?!?), lesson plans to be made, and meetings to attend. There are also blog posts to begin writing again, but those never seem like tedium, thankfully.

I guess all this is to say that I’m waking up from my Christmas-time haze and I’m shocked to discover that there’s a whole world out here. I suppose a new year (hello, 2012) will do that to you.

I hope that the morning is kind to us, and that we remember not just how to press the snooze button, but also that it can be kind of nice to be awake long before the sun, tucked into a quiet little pocket of early morning.