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I’ve Heard Some Really Strange Things

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People say strange things.

Without further ado, here are the top four strange things that were said to me in the last week:

1. From a student, at the start of class: “You’re on the hunt for a man-friend, right, Miss?” Me: “My husband would be very surprised to hear if I were.” Student: “You’re not married, Miss. You’re only 19!”

2. From a student, in the middle of class: “Your glasses make you look like a Grandma.” Me: “Thank you.” Student: “I’m not trying to mean.”

3. From a bar patron while I was ordering Mexican take-out: “You have great skin. Take care of it. It’s not gonna last forever.” Me: “Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.” Bar patron: “I bet that’s the strangest thing anyone has ever said to you.” Me: “I teach freshmen. I’m pretty used to having strange things said to me.” (Ahem.)

4. From the bathroom mirror at school:

Yep. That happened.

Sometimes I play a game where I try to decide which comments are strangest. I usually can’t pick just one. It was difficult enough to curate the top four. I think numbers 1 & 4 are tied for me.

How was your weekend? Any weird things been said to you lately? 🙂