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October 30, 2011 in The Daily Blog

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

All these years later and still, no one knows! Except maybe Waldo….

Such a life, always on the run…

I Carmen Sandiego runs so fast that things have the tendency to get a bit blurry!¬†Betcha can’t catch me…or Ava.

And, even if you can, I bet you can’t find my partner in crime.

He’s very mysterious. And very uncatchable.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope your day is full of intrigue, mystery, and world-crossing adventures.

Or maybe it will just be super nerdy?

Either way.

Carmen Sandiego was my costume at our friends’ party this weekend, and the nerd photo above is my team dressed up last year at school. We’re dressing up as pirates with this year; it’ll be a full-blown convention of puffy shirts and fishnet stockings. Oh yeah. Bring on the learning!

Oh Tell Me

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    1. ha! i love that second photo…should’ve known carmen & waldo were in on it together :)

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