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A 53-year-old LSD-using Pirate

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Quotes of the week, from my precious little freshmen:

On a day where I wore a colorful, ruffled shirt with and black knee pants, black heels, and big gold jewelry: “Miss, you look like a pirate. A pirate on LSD!”

During a discussion in homeroom in which they were trying to guess my age:  “You look pretty old, Miss. Mr. Anderson always told us that he was 54 and that he was dating a 53-year-old. Was that you?”

During that same discussion, from a student trying to rectify the situation:  “Miss, they’re jacked up. You look like you could definitely get with an 18-year-old.”

During my partner teacher’s class today, a student would not stop talking/screeching. He (the teacher) said to her, “What’s wrong?” She (the student) said, “I have something in my eye.” He (again, the teacher) said, “You need to fix this problem with your hands, not with your mouth.” She (still the student) said, “That’s what she said.”

Ah. So witty, these little ones. So quick to say things that they instantly wish they could take back. So quick to say things that we wish they could take back.

There are days when what I really wish is that I could carry around a tape recorder/video camera with me all day. So many funny sayings and comments. So little room in my memory to store them. I’ve started jotting quotes down when I hear them so that I don’t forget. Problem is, I usually forget to do even that.

Must be all the LSD.

Or maybe it’s just all the freshmen.