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April 8, 2011 in The Daily Blog, The House Projects

And now for the final reveal of our previously empty back hallway that is now our home’s mecca of organization! (See part 1, parts 2 & 3, and part 4.)

Here is the really-before shot, when we had just put in an offer on the place:

And here are the before-we-started-this-project shots, from after we moved in:

Lots of blank, white space. Like a giant snowy expanse. But not anymore, my friends. Here’s what things are lookin’ like in the ol’ back hallway as of now:

And there it is! A small, very small space that has now been completely maximized for our daily lives. Sometimes I found myself just kind of standing back there, because the space makes me so happy. What also makes me happy is that the back hallway “redo” cost only $30. It might not exactly be the Pottery Barn daily system that first inspired this whole project, but it works perfectly for us, serves all our needs, and it saved us about $300.

And you see that little beauty peeking out from the kitchen on the right there? Stay tuned next week to hear all about it!

The Whole Shebang


    1. Kate D. says:

      It looks perfect! Great work. You took a space that had virtually no use and made it a great space. I’m impressed! Also, the mega organization from PB would have been too large for that one wall; this system is even better than the PB one.

    2. Sarah says:

      Love it!!!! Awesome job, and I love seeing the pics!! Totally proud that you did that in like, what, under $30? Yay!

    3. Wendy Sangaline says:

      It turned out so well! Very nice! Enjoy!!!!

    4. Merut says:

      I am pretty impressed. It’s looking awesome! I would love to have those note boards! Unfortunately for me, my man can barely hand the notion of a “key bowl” by the front door.

    5. matt says:

      House pictures look great. You should come down here and give us advice on our space. The only thing is is that you can’t cover up any of the original pencil sketches by our in house artist, Kyle.

    6. Marci says:

      Kellie-your house looks amazing! I love the organization stuff! As soon as we move, I would love your help in getting our home decorated!!!

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The Whole Shebang

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