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The Return of the Freshly Picked Food

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I love farmer’s markets. Really, really love them. I also like spring (minus the little visit from the abundance of springtime allergies) and it seems like I get more and more excited each year when this time rolls around. This time of year signals the start of food straight from the farm, the start of grocery shopping out of doors, the start of making Saturday morning trips to the farmer’s markets and visits to the local bars or coffee shops for a glass of whiskey or a mug of coffee afterwards (whiskey + the farmer’s market = bliss, didn’t you know?).

The Boulder farmer’s market is finally open and I made my first trek just last week. Now, I’m not trying for hyperbole here, but it will probably sound that way when I tell you that this start-of-season farmer’s market made me so happy I literally started tearing up while wandering the street lined with gorgeous green things. On second thought, those tears just might have been allergy-related. Or not.

Here’s a photo tour of my day at the first farmer’s market (for me) of the season. Grab a tissue first.


Here’s where we deviate from the farmer’s market to the bathroom at a local coffee shop. Yes, I took photos of the bathroom. Check it out and then you won’t be mad at me for posting bathroom pictures.

After using the oh-so-cute bathroom, I enjoyed a cappuccino while typing up the week’s menu and grocery list.

And then, the walk back to my car.

Ah, spring.

To cap the day off, I joined up with Jason at The Kitchen for a bit of whiskey. (Does it get better than this day?? I think not.)

And then it was home with my treasures.

Welcome back, spring.