A Liar No More

April 15, 2011 in The Daily Blog, The House Projects

Remember this?

I’m back with the dirty details.

I’m back to clear my conscience.

I’m back to make an honest woman of myself.

(Honest women drink beer, didn’t you know?!)

I used to have a true blackboard kitchen.

It was literally an entire wall of our kitchen that we painted with blackboard paint. Hence, the name of the blog. But then we moved. We painted over the wall, and I’ve felt like a liar ever since.


One day we bought a board. Jason screwed it into the wall in the big empty space to the left of the fridge.

I spackled over the screws and sanded down the spackle.

Once the spackle dried, I painted the board. I painted it with about 30 million coats of blackboard paint. Ava watched.

I picked out white trim. Jason measured the trim, cut the trim, and nailed the trim around the edges of the board.

Then he filled the cracks in with white caulk. I apparently didn’t take any pictures. I apparently wanted to be a big bum, just like Ava.

And then. I wrote on the blackboard.

I wrote on the blackboard that is in my kitchen.

You can call me Honest Abe.

A Liar No More


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    6. eve verdon says:

      hi there.
      found you on pinterest. wondering what kind of board this is that you’ve used…

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