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The Kids are Coming, the Kids are Coming!

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Yes, the kids are coming. Today is the first day back to school for our students and the third day back for us. We had two great work days – got so much done – and now it’s time.

It’s so funny how, after all these years teaching how I still get nervous/excited to get back to the swing of things after a long break. Anyone else ever feel that way?

In other news, I’m teaching a class at Stir in two and a half weeks. And we are closing on our first house in about four weeks! I know that I hinted (and here, and here) at this news for a while, and I’m so excited to now share it! We’ve been renting for many years and the fact that we’ll be able to buy our first home feels like we’ve won the lottery (only, without all the money ๐Ÿ™‚ ). We’re staying put in Denver, which is close to all of our jobs, friends, and family; and we’re gaining space, storage, and a yard in our new home. I’ll share photos and more details once we close (keep your fingers AND toes crossed for us that all continues to go according to plan!). But I will tell you this: it has a fabulous kitchen! : D

For now, here are a few things that I’m thinking about for our new home.

I’d love a bold and graphic rug for the living space, like this one from West Elml:

{image from}

I plan to say good-bye to my crowded little cabinet pantry and organize all my bulk items with plastic or glass jars:

{image from}

I’d like to add a real dining table to the dining space (yes, there is room for a REAL table!), like this one from West Elm (I am seriously LOVING everything at West Elm right now!):

{image from}

I would love to do pretty cabinet hardware, like these knobs from Anthropologie (but we won’t. We’ll probably rock some off-the-shelf-cheapies from Lowe’s, instead.):

{image from}

I’d love to add in a few new throw pillows to our current seasonal repertoire, like these beauties from DwellStudio (I’m thinking Spring already!):

{image from}
{image from}

The great thing about our new home is that we don’t need much new furniture! Everything we already own will work great in the new space and the house is fairly equivalent (in terms of actual living space) to our current apartment. While that may sound like not much of an upgrade, it is exactly what we were looking for!

Hope you have a great Wednesday, friends!