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A Day in the Life of a Boulderite

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What’s a girl to do when 1. she hasn’t see much of her husband all week, 2. he has to work on Saturday, and 3. he works in Boulder? Pssshh. Silly question. She spends the day with him in Boulder, obviously! Here is the photo journey through our Saturday (once Jason was finally able to leave work).

The view from the parking garage. Yes, you read that right. Maybe Boulder should enter a parking garage pageant.


Strolling through the streets. One of the most difficult things about spending an afternoon in Boulder? Deciding where to eat! Salt is one excellent option…


But we had our sights set on another place, so the strolling continued.

Go Buffs! Yes, I am a Buffs fan. If you’re reading this and you have Nebraska leanings….well, please don’t leave. Blackboard Kitchen is accommodating of all college football fans. 😀

We decided to eat at The Kitchen. There was a bit of a wait, so we took the chance to continue our stroll down Pearl Street while we waited. We saw many lovely sights…

An old bike parked amidst a little garden. (Love this bike…)


A red bench outside the paper store.

A hands-on flower box (also outside the paper store). And then we got distracted and went in the paper store and ended up buying a couple of things. By this time, it was our turn for a table at The Kitchen.


Seated at The Kitchen. If you haven’t been here before, you’ll really want to. The Kitchen is everything I want a restaurant to be – it is beautiful on the inside, while still being very cozy and homey. While the food and atmosphere are very upscale, the vibe is very down-to-earth and I imagine that just about anyone would feel at home in this restaurant.

I love their simple table settings and beautiful wood tables, as well as their simple menu. All their food is locally sourced and they truly care about the environment. (All used oil even goes to power someone’s car!) When I am here, I feel like I am visiting more than just a restaurant and it truly is something that I want to be a part of.


Wonder if I can buy one of these tables for my own house?


Maybe I can buy a chandelier as well…Maybe I should just have The Kitchen decorate my entire house. And cook for me everyday. That sounds like a good, affordable option.

And now the food. Oh, the food! Although it was afternoon by the time we arrived, Jason and I decided to go with brunch. After much debating (I am the worst person to eat out with because I can never make up my mind. And I take lots of pictures, which is apparently really annoying.)

I finally decided on the Northern Lights Smoked Salmon with fried capers, scrambled eggs, chive cream cheese, and grilled bread. Believe it or not, I almost didn’t order this dish because of the scrambled eggs. I like scrambled eggs, but I usually really dislike them in restaurants – they are too rubbery and just not good. But, I wanted the salmon and so I sucked it up and ordered it. Thank. God. I . Did. The eggs? Amazing. Seriously the best eggs I’ve ever eaten in my life. Our waitress (who was wonderful, by the way) said they use Morning Fresh eggs, which come from Northern Colorado. I gave myself an A in dish selection.

Jason went with the Long Family Farm Ham, which was like eggs benedict on delicious steroids. He was also not sure about the eggs, ended up voting them the best poached eggs he’s ever had. (Yes, our table was rocking with the superlatives this afternoon!) Jason also received an A for his ordering skills.


I so wanted to take a picture of this blackboard on the wall of the dining room (you know how I have a thing for blackboards…) but everytime I tried it just turned out blurry. I guess smoked salmon gives you an unusually unsteady hand…or something. But, here is the best of my bad shots anyway, because I wanted you to see it (and the cool stone wall behind it).


Thus concluded our day in Boulder. After a bit more strolling (and some spice sniffing/tasting/purchasing at The Savory Spice Shop, which I will tell you more about later!) we headed out and went up to Longmont to visit a farm. But again, that’s another story for another day. Moral of today’s story? Eat at The Kitchen! (And let me know how you like it!)