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And So it Begins…

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Project Food Blog 2010 has officially begun! You can check out my first entry and then (if you like it!) you can head to Foodbuzz and vote for Blackboard Kitchen. (I think you need to be a registered “foodie” before you can vote, so make sure to register while you are there!) **Edited note: apparently you do not need to register. You can vote using your Facebook account! Just click here and it will take you to my entry and the voting page.

Regardless of how the competition goes, it has already helped me think outside the box and consider ideas that I otherwise might not. Although I’m only nine weeks into blogging, writing my entry for Challenge #1 reminded me of exactly why I started Blackboard Kitchen and exactly why I care so much about it. My first entry helped me remember that Blackboard Kitchen is not about the number of daily hits or comments – it is about helping people think through their food week in a way that is better for them, their families, their wallet, and their community. If I can achieve that then I will consider Blackboard Kitchen a success!

I truly love this new direction that I’ve branched out in and I am so excited to see where it takes me. I thought a lot about my life this weekend – who I am and the many things (and especially people) I am blessed with, and Blackboard Kitchen is definitely one of them. I am blessed to have an opportunity to share my passions and knowledge and I am blessed by my many family and friends and readers who think that what I have to say is worthwhile. Thank you for believing me and being on this journey with me!